The war and us

74 million combatants were mobilized. And with them, their families and the entire population. All the continents were involved as the belligerents plunged their empires into war. The scale of the losses, soldiers and civilians, is appalling: 19 million dead and 21 million wounded. Throughout the century and even today, the whole world has not finished suffering the consequences.

One hundred years after 1914, what do we know about war in a world that is ever and always torn? If we are to resist it with all the power at our disposal, let us be aware that it mobilizes passions, interests and the thirst for power.

Hearken too that it animate our sense of duty, solidarity and fraternity to engage our efforts where best we can.

La reine Elisabeth et l’infirmière Henriette van Acke assistent le Dr Antoine Depage pendant une opération

Queen Elizabeth and Nurse Henriette van Acke assisting Dr. Antoine Depage during an operation

The war and us